Friday, March 1, 2024
Adventurer. Entrepreneur.

Susmit Laha.
Founder & Chief Bluemancer at Bluemance.

Uncovering and innovating as we journey forward.

Susmit's Heart and Soul into

Susmit Laha

Business Management Professional and Tech Lover

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In the year 2017, Susmit launched Plexa Web Services, which is now known as Bluemance and serves over 100+ clients monthly.

Susmit started this comapany to bring India online with a very nominal fee.


“We engage in continuous exploration and innovation as we journey forward. Our overarching mission is to infuse Bluemance with a profound spirit of innovation that transcends the passage of time and endures beyond the scope of humanity.” – Susmit Laha



A strive just to bring India online, Plexa Web Services

Note: Plexa Web Services and other businesses are under Bluemance.


Created the social space: Plexa React (PR)

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Created Verific Digital Business Cards

We are on a mission to save paper by providing reliable and affordable digital business cards globally. Visit:


Re-launched PlexaCorp

Enabling everyone to host reliable and affordable websites, even for those who aren’t Plexa Web Services customers. Visit:

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